Here at Blocksburg Family Farms we are excited to get the new season of 2020 started!

We at Blocksburg Family Farms have been enjoying the early sunshine and weather in Southern Humboldt.  The warm days have generated a lot of excitement around the Blocksburg Family Farms. With the itch to get dirty we are gearing up for an incredible season. Even with the last two weeks of rain we are now well underway with Our 2020 strain of Ice Cream Cake, and are excited to see our First harvest come down in the coming months.  There is always so much to do on the farm at any given time of year. From roadwork, to bookwork there is never a dull moment,  but Springtime sure is our favorite. Something about that emerald blanket and the start of a new season always makes us anxious. We are excited to take you with us on this journey from Plant to sale. We will Show you how our plants are looking and doing through the course of the season. Different ways we like to cultivate.  As well as other farm projects we think you might like. We hope you stay tuned!