Season Greetings 2024

With the days growing a little bit longer, and the flowers starting to bloom among the emerald mountains. It is that time again on our farm. We are looking forward to the start of a new season, with new goals, and aspirations we look forward to what this year will bring.

This week we have been finishing up tilling and setting up our last Full term beds. We have been focusing on getting all of the Full term plants into the ground. Our family has always said if you’re not fully planted by July 4th you’re late. The weather this year has been unusually cold and windy, so the growth rates we normally see have slowed. We are optimistic that the hot weather is right around the corner and hopefully the wind will die down. The Greenhouses are doing well. All of the plants are starting to stack their buds, and it is a welcome sight. We are exciting for a fresh harvest. All is going well on the farm. this year we have started to incorporate vegetables into our crop rotation. we are excited to expand into other crops as well. There will be some adjustments with the trail and errors as with any crop, but it will be nice for our family to start this new chapter of growth. 

The 2022 spring season is in full swing. Winter seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye. We are excited for the beginning of this new season. Yes, the weather hasn’t been ideal for this time of year, but that is the life of a farmer. To roll with the punches, and be comfortable with Change. This season we will be Cultivating a few really beautiful strains Mochi Cake, Gush Mintz, and Gary Peyton. We anticipate a successful year, and look forward to giving updates on the farm life though this season.